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Nowruz Saal Tahvil

We wish you all a very happy new year; Nowruz pirouz!
LA Time (PST): Wed March 20, 2019, 14:58:27
Iran Time (IRST): Thurs March 21, 2019, 01:28:27


Nasrin Sotoudeh, the Iranian lawyer defending Iranian girls protesting the mandatory Hijaab, was thrown in Evin prison; so were the Girls of The Revolution Street; so was the lawyer of their lawyer! The regime now about to imprison Nasrin's husband, Reza Khandan , as well for being Nasrin's voice while she is in prison. Nasrin is also denied prison visits from her two children because the Islamic government deems her modest head scarf a not good enough Hijaab.
Till Nasrin's freedom, let us change our profile photos to hers to keep her memory alive

Make Every Vote Count

To make every vote count, support our campaign for Proportional Representation & Democracy.

Helping Visa Students

Helping Iranian Foreign Visa Students
Once an East Indian student and his family left the ignorance and discrimination of India for the greener pastures of Uganda. After a year of studying medicine at Shiraz Pahlavi University, the student offered his resignation to the university. When asked why, he explained how Idi Amin, the Ugandan dictator, blaming foreigners for his mismanagement, had seized his parent's farm, the parent could not send him any more money, and he could no longer afford his education. Shiraz Pahlavi University then gave him free tuition and room & board so that he could continue his studies. He finished his medical school, became a GP, and is now serving the community right here in Canada. Quite a few of his patients are Iranians. He has learnt the Persian language, mastered the Persian music, and loves Googoosh. Shiraz Pahlavi University made the right decision then and the world is a much better place because of it.

Today the table has turned. Iran's economy is so bad and the currency is doing so poorly that the Afghan migrant workers are fleeing Iran to go back home to Afghanistan, for their currency, Afghani, is now more valuable than IRR.

With the Iranian Rial at a free fall and the US$ hovering around 15,000 T (150,000 IRR), Iranian foreign visa students have a hard time covering their education costs. Couple of them could not afford to come back to school after the Summer holidays.

We must help them out!

Here are a few practical suggestions on how the community can help the students:
- Give them an unused room you can not be bothered to rent out
- Rent them a room in exchange for occasional babysitting or help & companionship for the elderly
- Money transfer: When sending money to your parents in Iran, instead of using a currency exchange service, give CAD$ to students here in Canada & they deposit IRR to a bank account in Iran. Online bank money transfers are now done instantaneously; it can be done right in front of you. We can help the students out by giving them a favourable & reasonable exchange rate
- Give them a job
- We can write letters to UVic/RRU/Camosun Student Awards & Financial Aid Offices explaining their plight and requesting a favourable look on their student-aid application
- We can recommend them for free rent in exchange for house sitting
- Send us your suggestions or bring them to the next Persian Poetry Night

Niki, an Iranian BCIT visa student, has taken to GoFundMe to fund her education. Please help her

Food For Thought

Khod Rahaagar, the bulletin of Hezb-e' Iran-e' Aabaad, argues that inoculating Iran against reproduction of dictatorship & winning the next revolution is predicated on forming organized political parties. For the best news analysis, read their PDF bulletin , watch newscast on YouTube , or listen to their podcast

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